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Few feelings are worse than being pulled over and arrested for DUI. The consequences of a conviction could cost you your license, leading to major adjustments in how you will get from place to place, and jeopardizing your ability to fulfill your work and familial duties. The good news is there is hope. For nearly 20 years, the New York DUI lawyer at Katz Lawyers has helped clients to avoid the dire consequences of a criminal conviction. If you are dealing with a DUI charge, call our firm today.

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Our History

Katz Lawyers was founded by attorney Seth Katz in 1999 on the principles of integrity, dedication to meeting our clients’ needs, and a commitment to excellence. Since that time, our firm has earned a reputation for positive results backed by the highest levels of personalized client service. We serve clients all throughout the five boroughs of New York as well as elsewhere in the state. No matter how stressful your traffic offense situation may seem, our advocates stand ready to provide you with trusted legal counsel and helpful advice.

Leading New York Traffic Law Attorney

With the help of an experienced attorney on your side, you can better plan for your case and how to improve the outcome. In some cases, our team can handle the issues without your being there at all. From wherever you are in any one of the 63 counties in the state of New York, call us in Manhattan to discuss your legal needs. We understand that many of our clients rely on their driver’s license to earn a living, and we are here to help them protect their future.

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Whether you have been charged with a traffic violation, license suspension, DWI, or a cell phone violation, getting started on your defense right away is crucial to improving your outcome. Our team is available 24/7 to make sure you get the legal help you need when you need it — not just when it is convenient for us. With nearly two decades of experience working with New York courts, we understand the strategies that work in helping our clients tell their side of the story and retain their driving privileges. Whatever your situation, you have nothing to lose by calling our firm and scheduling a free consultation.


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