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If you have been arrested for DWI anywhere in New York, the proceedings following your arrest can seem very confusing. You will be required to appear in court regarding your DWI charge, after which you will have a DMV hearing regarding your license. At Katz Lawyers, our New York DWI attorney is prepared to offer dedicated representation for both hearings.

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What’s the Difference Between Criminal & Administrative Hearings?

When you are arrested for DWI, the arresting officer forwards a copy of the notice of revocation or suspension to the DMV. After the DMV receives the notice, they begin conducting an administrative review. This review includes an examination of the test result, the officer’s report, and the revocation or suspension order. If they decide to uphold the revocation or suspension, you can request a hearing to dispute their decision.

The purpose of this hearing is not to determine whether you are guilty of DWI, but merely to discuss your driving privileges.
During this hearing, the court may address whether:

  • The arrest was lawful
  • You were driving with a BAC of .08% or higher
  • The officer has reasonable cause to pull you over
  • You took a chemical test or refused to test

What Should I Do if My License Is Suspended or Revoked?

During your DMV hearing, it is vital that you are represented by an experienced New York DWI attorney. If we are able to show that there is no basis for a revocation or suspension, the action to take away your license may be set aside. However, if your license has already been revoked or suspended and you are seeking help to recover your driving privileges, Katz Lawyers can help. We can request a motion to request limited driving privileges.

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