Is a DWI a Felony in New York?

First time DWI (driving while intoxicated) or DUI (driving under the influence) charges are misdemeanor offenses with subsequent offenses being charged as felonies. If the DWI/DUI incurred within 10 years of a prior conviction it is typically considered a felony.

However, many people are not aware that according to NY law, even a misdemeanor DWI can be enhanced to a felony if there are aggravating circumstances.

Felony DWI can be charged in several circumstances, such as when the DUI:

  • Results in the death of another person
  • Results in great bodily injury/harm
  • Occurs without a valid permit/license
  • Occurs without proper insurance
  • Involves a child under 16 years of age in the car who is injured
  • Aggravated DWI – .18% BAC (blood alcohol content) or higher

If you have been pulled over or arrested for DWI as a result of a traffic stop and aren’t sure what to do next, Katz Lawyers is here to help. You do not have to navigate the legal system or fight felony DWI penalties on your own. Our knowledgeable New York felony DWI defense attorney is here to ensure your concerns are addressed and that your rights are aggressively protected.

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Experienced Felony DWI Legal Representation

The penalties which accompany a felony DWI conviction vary greatly based on the circumstances and aggravating factors involved. However, these penalties may include having your license revoked and several years in jail. It is vital that you work with an experienced and skilled lawyer who can fight your charges and work towards achieving the best possible outcome.

If you are facing charges for felony DWI, we understand just how much is on the line. You can count on our experienced New York felony DWI attorney at Katz Lawyers to stand by your side, building a strong defense on your behalf.

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