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If your car has been impounded following an arrest for DWI or for driving without a proper license, you could be at risk of losing your vehicle unless you can pay the costs of towing and storage to the impound lot. Additionally, if your plate was impounded due to an alcohol-related arrest, you may not be able to drive the car again until you apply for special plates. At Katz Lawyers, our New York plate impoundment attorney can meet with you to discuss your unique situation and how to resolve it. You can rely on us to develop a strategy to help you avoid the consequences of impoundment.

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Obtaining New License Plates Following Impoundment

If you had your license revoked in the past and your plates impounded, you can apply for new plates once you have regained your full driving privileges. Let Katz Lawyers help you to navigate the process of applying for new regular license plates for the vehicles you legally own once your impoundment period is over.

When Are License Plates Impounded?

When an arrest is made for a DWI or related driving offense, the arresting officer may issue an impound order. Under certain circumstances, the state may seize, impound, and destroy license plates from a car following an arrest. In some cases, the officer may issue a permit to allow the vehicle to be operated by another individual in the household or if you obtain a limited driver’s license. Typically, the special plates issued in these circumstances have special markings to alert law enforcement of your history.

A license plate impoundment order may be issued for:

  • Driving without a proper driver’s license
  • DWI if the driver has a prior DWI within the past 10 years
  • First offense DWI if there was an underage passenger
  • First offense DWI if the BAC was 0.16% or higher

Act Quickly to Avoid License Plate Impoundment

If you would like the chance to fight license plate impoundment, especially in the case of mistaken impoundment, time is of the essence. These actions are time sensitive and having an experienced New York plate impoundment attorney on your side is vital. At Katz Lawyers, we have nearly 20 years defending DWI and traffic-related offense throughout New York.

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