Defense Against New York Traffic Violations

Speeding is one of the most common traffic offenses which occur on the roads of New York. Law enforcement takes great effort to cut down on speeding with methods including speed radars and traps. Depending on the speed that you were allegedly driving, you could face serious penalties. At Katz Lawyers, we have many years of experience defending all types of traffic offenses, including speeding tickets.

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Consequences of a New York Speeding Tickets

In some cases, you may be accused of committing another violation at the same time as speeding, such as drunk driving, reckless driving, or speeding which caused an accident. Every speeding ticket and incident are different and every county handles speeding tickets differently. For example, the fines for a speeding ticket in Queens may be different than those paid in Buffalo.

You could face varying levels of points on your license for speeding including:

  • 3 points: 1-10 MPH over the limit
  • 4 points: 11-20 MPH over the limit
  • 6 points: 21-30 MPH over the limit
  • 8 points: 31-40 MPH over the limit
  • 11 points: Over 40 MPH over the limit

In addition to points on your license, you may face a fine and possible license suspension if you have previous infractions on your driving record. Our New York speeding ticket lawyer’s goal is to help keep your record clear and avoid these consequences.

Handling Speeding Tickets in All Five Boroughs of New York City

If you were pulled over for speeding and given a ticket, it is important that you do not pay the ticket. Doing so will be seen as an admission of guilt. Whatever the case may be and whatever speed you were allegedly driving at, we are here to help fight the ticket and its consequences. At Katz Lawyers, we help clients who face accusations of speeding anywhere from 15 MPH over the speed limit to driving over 100 MPH.

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