Driver’s License Tickets and Driver’s License Holds

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Committing a traffic violation in New York can result in more than just points on your driving record. Receiving too many traffic tickets can affect your driving privileges, including the state revoking your driver’s license.

When you face a hold on your driver’s license or some other consequence resulting from a traffic violation, hiring a traffic tickets attorney can help you protect your driving privileges. Katz Lawyers in New York understand the complexities of navigating the legal system and are prepared to help you understand your rights as a New York driver.

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What Happens When Your License Gets Suspended?

A suspension is a temporary hold on your license. You will be able to potentially reinstate your driving privileges after a given time.

The length of your license suspension will either be definite or indefinite. A definite suspension will allow you to reinstate your license after a designated amount of time. An indefinite suspension will restore driving privileges based on specific conditions.

The local DMV will send you an official letter through the mail notifying you of the suspension. This notice will have specific dates for a definite suspension and a list of conditions to meet for an indefinite license suspension.

How Do You Get Your License Suspended?

Various traffic violations can result in getting your driver’s license suspended.


Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs will immediately suspend your license. The suspension length will depend on your blood alcohol content, or BAC, at the time of the violation and whether or not this is your first conviction.

Driving Without Insurance

New York’s VTL 319 states that all cars in the state must have proper auto insurance. Those caught driving without insurance will have a license suspension of up to one year as well as a $1,500 fine and possible jail time.

Having a Driving Record with 11 or More Accumulated Points

Accumulating several traffic tickets within a given time frame can result in a temporary license hold. In New York, drivers with 11 or more points on their driving record within 18 months will get their license suspended.

What Happens When You Get Your License Revoked?

Getting your license revoked means having your driving privileges indefinitely canceled. Although you may have the opportunity to reinstate your license, you will have to re-apply through the DMV. This could include retaking the driver’s test or having your reinstatement request denied.

How Can You Restore Your Driving Privileges?

Occasionally, restoring driving privileges can be done by paying a simple fine. Other times, you may need the help of an experienced lawyer for court negotiations.

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