Traffic Tickets and Driving Charges in New York

We can help you fight your traffic tickets.

Answering a traffic ticket is not always as simple as paying a fine. Driving charges can negatively impact your driving record, lead to license suspension, or result in other consequences that affect your driving privileges.

Katz Lawyers of New York understand the frustration of receiving traffic tickets and are here to help drivers understand their rights. We help convicted drivers present their cases to the court and fight traffic tickets.

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Which Driving Violations Add Points to Your Driving Record?

Generally, traffic tickets in the state of  New York will carry between 2 and 11 points. The number of points they carry will depend on the severity of the violation.

Five-Point Violations

  • Reckless or aggressive driving
  • Illegally passing a school bus
  • Using a cell phone or electronic device illegally while driving

Four-Point Violations

  • Tailgating
  • Speeding

Three-Point Violations

  • Unsafe passing
  • Running a stop sign or red light
  • Failing to yield
  • Improper lane change
  • Driving the wrong way
  • Speeding

A speeding ticket’s points will vary depending on how fast you drive over the speed limit but can carry up to 11 points.

Consequences of Traffic Violations

Accumulating points on your driving record is the most common consequence of receiving a traffic ticket. However, receiving too many traffic tickets or committing more serious offenses can lead to other ramifications.

License Suspension

New York drivers can get their license suspended if they accumulate 11 or more points on their driving record within 18 months. Other violations such as DUIs and driving without insurance will also result in a temporary hold on your license.

Revoked License

Drivers who commit serious driving offenses will have their license canceled indefinitely. These violations include criminal offenses, driving with a revoked or suspended license, or receiving too many convictions.

Increased Insurance Premiums and Rates

The state of New York requires all drivers to maintain proper auto insurance. Certain violations, such as speeding, can increase your insurance premiums for 36 months.

What Should You Do When You Receive a Driving Charge?

Most often, people who receive traffic tickets will pay them right away. However, when you pay your ticket, you plead guilty to the violation and may be subject to other consequences such as points on your driving record.

Hiring a traffic tickets attorney can help you protect your driving privileges – which is imperative if you are facing a driver’s license suspension or revocation.

Reinstating your license after a suspension or having it revoked often requires negotiations with the court. Having an attorney represent your case will help you navigate the legal system better and understand your rights as a New York driver.

Katz Lawyers help drivers in New York fight traffic tickets and driving charges. We understand the complexities of the legal system and are here to help you when you need it.

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